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What a wonderful course presented in such a supported way by the lovely Brooke. I can’t recommend this highly enough. We received all the tools and information we needed to birth with confidence and calmly


Brooke is a passionate, professional, friendly and knowledgeable instructor who provides interactive and very enjoyable classes. I highly recommend Brooke and Birth your Way for your pregnancy and preparation for a calm and gentle birthing experience.


Brooke is supportive, inspiring and enthusiastic and will guide you through the practice of HypnoBirthing. This is not just for mums, new dads and old will benefit from knowing what to expect in the lead up to birth through to holding your little one in your arms. Definitely recommend Birth Your Way if you want a successful and stress-free birth.


The course is brilliant and Brooke is absolutely wonderful!!  She went above and beyond for me so I could have the magic birthing experience I wanted, including taking an early morning call for a fear release session before my emergency caesarean.  Without her, my birth would have been traumatic.  But with her help, I felt completely at ease and empowered and I can truly say I loved my birth despite it being, in many ways, the opposite of what I had wanted.  I cannot recommendation her or HypnobBrthing highly enough!!


Brooke is bloody awesome! She is attentive and invested and absolutely knows what she is talking about. My partner and I were super lucky to have her all to ourselves for our HypnoBirthing classes and I can't recommend her highly enough! I still use some of the techniques today and my little one is over 12 months old now!


I don’t think you could find someone more supportive and passionate than Brooke, to help you have a positive birth experience using HypnoBirthing. We learnt so many techniques to help us have a better experience and it was great to know we could always check back in with Brooke after the course was finished if we had any concerns. I couldn’t recommend it more for anyone wanting a calmer birth.


Brooke was very passionate and supportive in sharing her knowledge of HypnoBirthing. We found the sessions to be useful in providing both of us (as mother and birthing partner) with skills to enable us to stay relaxed and calm throughout labour and birth. I (as a mother) definitely found the breathing and visualisation techniques invaluable throughout labour and birth - and since arriving Earth side, our little one has taken to the world with contentedness and calm. We are grateful to Brooke for providing us with the knowledge and confidence to create the birthing environment that we wanted on our baby's birthing day.