Jaw Reset

What is it?

Jaw Reset is a gentle method where the jaw muscles are energetically relaxed or "reset". This allows for optimal balance throughout the body & mind. A Jaw Reset session works at restoring balance throughout the body by reducing the tension found in the jaw. 


How it works

So what's the big deal? Direct tension in the jaw creates direct tension in the pelvis, exactly where you want to avoid tension for pregnancy & birth. Through a series of specialised movements on the jaw, tension can be released & balance restored.


Why it's for you

Pelvic alignment is for everyone, right? Particularly if you are carrying a little human being around, oh mumma's you are amazing! The release of this jaw tension allows your pelvis to relax. Through the process you will become aware of the tension you hold in your jaw & the importance this holds for you, your baby & your birth.



I want in

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