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Brooke Taylor-Gough

HypnoBirthing Educator & Kinesiologist

A very warm welcome to you! Meet me, I am Brooke. My passion for nurturing the pregnancy & birth journey is what lights my heart up & makes me sing. Of course it was born along with my son where I learnt that all pregnancy & birth journeys are unique & deserve to be respected & nurtured as such. I am passionate about you & your journey. Pregnancy & birth can be a challenging time for many couples with mixed emotions but it can also be an incredible time for TRANSFORMATION, EMPOWERMENT & GROWTH. All of this... is led by you & only you hol the key. Isn't that the BEST?! Be free of fear, be in the drivers seat, let go of expectations & prepare yourselves for a more informed birthing adventure, whatever that may look like... because the best is yet to come. 

Brooke x

My Specialty


Get ready to be informed. Premium Evidence-based  Childbirth Education. Learn how relaxation, visualisation & evidence-based research will give you the tools for your unique birthing day & beyond.


Accessing physical, structural and emotional imbalances in the body through muscle testing. Bringing the subconscious to the conscious for lasting change. Specialising in fertility,  pregnancy, birth, birth trauma, loss & post partum.

Jaw Reset

Releasing pelvic tension... through the jaw! Jaw Reset is a gentle way of releasing any tension held in the jaw. Tension in the jaw results in tension in the pelvis... the exact place you want to avoid tension for ease of birth.

Healing Birth Trauma

Birth Story Medicine is a gentle process where mums, birth companions or care providers can begin to heal after unexpected events occured during a birth. Be truly listened to and start to find new meaning to your story.

The course is brilliant and Brooke is absolutely wonderful!  She went above and beyond for me so I could have the magic birthing experience I wanted, including taking an early morning call for a fear release session before my emergency caesarean.  With her help, I felt completely at ease and empowered and I can truly say I loved my birth despite it being, in many ways, the opposite of what I had wanted.  I cannot recommendation her or HypnoBirthing highly enough!


Words of Love

Brooke is supportive, inspiring and enthusiastic and will guide you through the practice of HypnoBirthing. This is not just for mums, new dads and old will benefit from knowing what to expect in the lead up to birth through to holding your little one in your arms. Definitely recommend Birth Your Way if you want a successful and stress-free birth.


I don’t think you could find someone more supportive and passionate than Brooke, to help you have a positive birth experience using HypnoBirthing. We learnt so many techniques to help us have a better experience and it was great to know we could always check back in with Brooke after the course was finished if we had any concerns. I couldn’t recommend it more for anyone wanting a calmer birth.



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