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So, you are pregnant… that’s why you are here right? This is so super exciting… but perhaps you are not feeling quite as enthusiastic.

“I feel worried and stressed.”

“I am scared about the pain.”

“How can we work as a team during birth?”

“What do I need to do when I birth?”

“How will I know when it is birthing time?”

“What happens and what do we do if our birth plan takes a different road?”

“I want to have as natural a birth as possible but I don’t know how to avoid unnecessary interventions.”

“I want to be as prepared as possible but don’t know where to go for information.”

Sound familiar? Yep… I get it.

These informative evenings will give you an insight into:

  • What HypnoBirthing is

  • A full outline on what we learn each week

  • How HypnoBirthing can help you (regardless of the birth you are wanting, having or needing)

  • How to assist your labour, rather than resist

  • How you can be more comfortable during your labour

  • How dads/partners/birth companions can be involved, informed and empowered in your birthing journey

  • How to be more excited, informed and empowered

  • What a HypnoBirthing birth looks like (what dad is doing, what mum is doing, what the environment can look like)

  • What birth trauma is, how birth trauma affects families and how to avoid this

  • My five top tips to a more informed, empowered and calm birthing day

  • Hear from a HypnoBirthing couple, first hand, how this life changing program assisted them

  • What kind of birth you are wanting (whether you have thought about it or not, you will leave with a hands-on activity allowing you to have a clearer idea on what you want as a family)


Our gentle birth information evenings run for 1.5 hours with light refreshments available.

You will leave with a thorough knowledge on how to achieve the calm, informed and empowered birthing day you want, whatever that may look like.


Bookings are essential for these information evenings. To be sure we have a seat saved for you check out the following link to see when our next Gentle Birth Information Evening is being held. You can also check out our Facebook Page events to see when the next event is available.

So, what have you got to lose? Come and learn how AMAZING birth is possible!