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Birth your way HypnoBirthing was established in Toowoomba and the Darling Downs by       Brooke Taylor-Gough, a fully qualified HypnoBirthing® Childbirth Educator and Birth Story Listener.

Hi I am Brooke and a very warm welcome to Birth your way HypnoBirthing. You are probably here because you are pregnant… okay you are most likely here because you are pregnant. Let me start by saying I feel most excited to have you here, firstly because you are embarking on what is truly a magical time in your life and also because I love sharing good news. Okay so onto the good news…

Maybe you found out about HypnoBirthing from a friend or family member, that’s awesome! Or perhaps you have been searching for some answers yourself.

The good news is you have found them. I am passionate about empowering mums and dads to have a POSITIVE birthing journey. It truly can be (this is the good news). Birth is powerful, birth is incredible, birth is transformative, BIRTH CAN BE POSITIVE (more good news).

I love nothing more than seeing the joyous and relieved looks on mums' faces when they find out exactly what is going on when they are birthing. I revel in seeing dads being moved by watching a gorgeous birth movie. I feel extremely blessed when I see a couple walk away after completing the five week HypnoBirthing course, hand-in-hand, totally empowered, informed and calm. Being a part of such a special journey is something I don’t take for granted.


THIS IS ME and I love it.

It would be remiss of me not to mention why I love it. I am wife to my gorgeous and supportive husband who will advocate for all dads-to-be to be as involved and empowered as mum (more good news). I am also mother to our darling son, Oliver. This is when our lives would change forever. Giving birth to Oliver was an extremely empowering experience for all of us. We felt connected, calm, confident, empowered, informed and the list goes on for whatever turn our birthing day would take us. We had a positive birth. Did everything go to “plan”? NO! But we had the tools, the smarts and the calm to work together as a team of three.

I remember the moment, some three days after Oliver was born, turning to our midwife and my husband and saying… “this is what I want to do”. I had a strong connection to want to share the amazing benefits of HypnoBirthing and so I did.

I celebrate positive birth (the good news just keeps on coming)!

B x

With the correct tools, knowledge and support, Brooke will be able to help you unleash your   inner-birthing goddess. YES, you DO have what it takes!