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When you change the way you view birth, the way you birth will change ~ Marie Mongan

Positive birth exists. Birth in confidence, be free of fear, walk away saying, let's do that again!


Group Course | 5 Weeks


Private Course | 5 weeks




$90 | 1 Hour Session

Jaw Reset

$90 | 1 Hour Session



Birth Story Medicine


$90 | 1 Hour Session

Birth your way Platinum

HypnoBirthing Course Pregnancy Kinesiology Session Phone Debrief Post Birth

$800 Group Course Option

$1600 Private Course Option

Birth your wayUltimate

HypnoBirthing Group Course Pregnancy Kinesiology Session Jaw Reset

Post Birth Kinesiology Session  Phone Debrief at 39 weeks Phone Debrief Post Birth  



Hypnobirthing Private course, 2 x kinesiology, jaw reset, phone debrief $1700

Birth your way Healer

Group course, 2 x kinesiology, birth story medicine

Same as above

Group course, 2 x kinesiology, birth story medicine

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