Birth Story Medicine

What is it?

Birth trauma is real. The emotions experienced from a traumatic birth are completely valid. Birth Story Medicine is a beautiful process in which a person can begin to make sense of the birth story that has unravelled due to a traumatic birth or unwanted events that occured. 


How it works

Through a Birth Story Medicine Session you can expect to begin piecing your story together. Through looking at your true self, how you view your birth story & how you wish to change you perception of this story, true healing can begin & new meaning may be born. 


Have you been questioning the events of your birth? Are you frustraed, angry & sad about how things may have turned out? You are not alone. Give yourself the space & time to heal. Get ready to dive deep & be given the opportunity to sahre your story in a compassionate & judgment free space where you will be truly listened to. Get ready to find new meaning.



Birth Companions & Care Providers

So, you witnessed a birth that has left you feeling helpless & traumatised. Birth trauma can affect all attending a birth. What you are feeling is completely real. Birth Story Medicine Sessions will help you make sense of the events that surrounded the birth that you were a part of or witnessed, in a safe & supportive environment.

Why it's for you

Birth trauma can affect your sense of self, self confidence, relationships, bonding with your baby... New meaning may be born for those seeking the answers.

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