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Birth Story Medicine 


–a journey to the center where new meaning is born-

Birth trauma is real. The emotions experienced from a traumatic birth are completely valid.

Perhaps you have experienced a traumatic birth of your own. You may have been trying to place those unwanted and intrusive emotions somewhere to make sense of what happened. Or maybe you were an on-looker, witnessing a birth that left you with unanswered questions. You are not alone.

Birth Story Medicine is a beautiful process in which a person can start to make sense of the birth story that has unraveled due to a traumatic birth experience or unwanted events occurring.

Through a Birth Story Medicine session you can expect to begin piecing your story back together. Through looking at your true self, how you view your birth story and how you wish to change your perception of this story, true healing can begin and new meaning may be born.


During a one-on-one session, you will be provided an opportunity to share your story (the whole story), in a compassionate and judgement free space where you will be truly listened to.

If you are ready to look at your birth story and go on a journey allowing emotions to gently unfold and start making sense, let’s connect. You are valid and worthy of healing.


Why Birth Story Medicine?

I remember the day well, the day I heard that mumma’s plea on the phone, indicating it was all too much and that space was needed.


In the months that came, time again I was brought back to this experience as I connected with many couples, mums and dads who were sitting deep in their traumatic birth experiences, finding it hard to reach the surface.


In those moments it somehow felt beyond inappropriate to use the only words that I could think of “I’m so sorry”. It was then I decided to change how I spoke about birth trauma.


I graduated from Birth Story Medicine’s ten week online program in September 2018.


Creating a sacred space for individuals to explore their birth stories is something I am truly honoured to be part of.

Final thoughts

  • A 60 to 90 minute session in a safe and confidential manner.

  • An opportunity to be heard, not just “listened” to.

  • There is no limitation on the kind of trauma you have experienced. You are welcome with open arms and so much love.

  • To make the most out of the session (which can be held in your home - location permitting) children should be supervised by someone other than you.

  • Online sessions are available for anyone living outside the Toowoomba area.

Birth Story Medicine is for mums, dads and birth professionals who have experienced or been involved with a traumatic birth.


$80 (first session)

$70 (subsequent sessions, if required)

For the complete package see our rates page for packages including Birth Story Medicine and HypnoBirthing®. These are a beautiful option for those seeking tools for a calmer and more informed birthing day while finding new meaning and healing to a past birth experience.








About the founder of Birth Story Medicine

Pam England is the founder of Birthing From Within and Birth Story Medicine. She was seeking an answer after experiencing birth trauma of her own. With a Masters degree in Psychology/Counseling, Pam developed the process of Birth Story Medicine for individuals searching for self healing.

Brooke has helped me endlessly following a difficult pregnancy and birth. I found the changes to my daily life after each session enormous. From helping with separation anxiety, the stress of becoming a new Mum and finding peace with my birth story. Brooke is so understanding and helpful. I recommend birth story listening to all postpartum women! - Madeline Grummitt


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