Get to Know Me

Hello, welcome & let me start by saying I feel most excited to have you here. Firstly because you are embarking on a magical time in your life (believe it!) & also because I love sharing good news.

I am mother to Oliver & three angel babies, wife to Aleks & mostly known as Brooke - the birth junkie.

Let me just say, I get it. I know first hand the excitement of being pregnant & also the  enormous anxiety that may bring.

I remember vividly the day those two red lines appeared. We squealed with delight! But... my next thought was somewhat a little different.


Thankfully my hubby was on the case (birth companions you are so important)... HypnoBirthing it was for us and boy oh boy am I glad it was.


What I leant that birthing day, was this. Being informed & having the tools for whatever path your birthing takes you on is absolutely necessary - NOT a luxury.


Only days after giving birth I turned to Aleks with the most excited smile and eagerly said "let's do that again!".


This doesn't mean birth went exactly how we anticipated. It meant we had the tools to go with birth & to understand birth.

Perhaps you have been searching for answers about how to best support your pregnancy & birthing journey.


The good news is you have found them. I am passionate about supporting mums & birth companions ons on their own unique path. After all, it would be pretty darn boring to all be the same. 


I know there is a positive way to birth (more good news) & am constantly reminded of it when I hear families say "lets do that again!".

Brooke x

My Approach

I am all about supporting you in an open & honest environment. Pregnancy & birth are real, so my support is also.


I approach my classes & sessions with a sense of fun. I will encourage, share, lend a listening ear & help you see a different perspective to birthing.

Basically, you will begin creating a conscious connection to your pregnancy journey.

It's as simple as that & oh so very special.

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